The Veteran Transition Mission’s goal is to give military veterans the opportunity to re-enter into the civilian world with a well-paying career path that they can be proud of. Transitioning back to civilian life can be hard. Vets have difficulties finding an employer that recognizes the skills that were learned during service. The Veteran Transition Mission offers vets a guiding hand to transition from the military into civilian life with a rewarding career. There are a lot of jobs for veterans out there, and Veteran Transition Mission works to help vets find them.

What does the Veteran Transition Mission do?

The Veteran Transition Mission partners with one of the largest I.T. training providers within the Phoenix area to train veterans in the field of information technologies and cybersecurity. The program is a 9-week course designed to teach the ins and outs of the information technology trade. Students have access to instructor-led courses, online training and study materials, and industry standard tests. After the boot camp is done, Veteran Transition Mission will help schedule and proctor certification tests, help write resume’s, and put students in front of prospective employers for interviews.

The Veteran Transition Mission focuses on training vets in the fields of information technology and cybersecurity specifically. Cybersecurity is an often-overlooked career path for ex-military, yet vets are some of the best candidates for this field.


Veterans Outside of Phoenix

Though the Veteran Transition Mission is based in Phoenix, students don’t need to be from the Phoenix area. This program offers a Residential Program for veterans that live outside of the Phoenix area to come and attend the program. The process is simple. Coordinators from the Veteran Transition Mission will help schedule and book flights to and from Phoenix as well as provide hotel accommodations during the program. The costs of round-trip flights, hotels, and meals are covered.

It’s not that dissimilar from going back to boot camp. Students are provided travel and three hots and a cot for an intense multi-week program of re-training and learning. After the program is over, professionals are shipped out and put in front of employers. It’s a great transition process back to civilian life that veterans are already familiar with.


Why should you choose the Veterans Transition Program?

The goal of this program is simple. This organization wants to help transition veterans leaving the military into civilian life with a rewarding career. Veterans give the United States everything, yet leaving the military can be one of the hardest tasks a soldier has to face.

The cost of living outside of the military can be a huge shock that many vets aren’t prepared for. The stress of trying to meet financial obligations and provide for themselves and their family only makes it that much more difficult.

Soldiers are taught to follow orders, not be social butterflies. Landing a job is difficult. Job seekers need to know how to sell themselves. In today’s working society, professionals are expected to market themselves, network with others, and create their own opportunities. In the military, soldiers are given tasks and expected to follow orders. The aspect of living as a civilian is a heavy contrast to military life.

The Veteran Transition Program understands this. This organization wants soldiers to understand their self-worth and their self-knowledge. Coordinators from the Veteran Transition Program help re-train soldiers into a high-paying, rewarding, and challenging career with both the skills they learned during service and the new skills they’ll learn during the program. They help create resume’s and do the networking to sit professionals down in front of hiring employers.

If this sounds like an opportunity that interests you, please contact the Veteran Transition Mission today.