Sometimes, a single small decision can change your destiny forever . . .

There’s a little-known program that is preparing veterans from all over the country for high-paying IT careers in as little as 9 weeks. Even veterans with no previous tech background. The veterans don’t have to pay a dime. Their transportation, housing, and tuition is all paid for through the GI Bill. When they finish the program, they easily find jobs that pay them much more than they were making before. We’re going to tell you more about the program below. But first, we need to clear up a few myths and give you the facts . . .

Myth: “You need an expensive 4-Year degree to get a job in tech. I don’t have the time or money for that.”

Myth​: “​There aren’t a lot of tech jobs out there. At least not ones that I can get.”

Myth: “I don’t have a tech background. Maybe other vets can get enough tech training in 9 weeks to get these jobs, but I don’t think I could. Not with my background.”

Myth: “You need an expensive 4-Year degree to get a job in tech. I don’t have the time or money for that.”
Fact: Many high-paying IT and cybersecurity jobs only require certifications. If you can pass the test, you get the certification. You don’t need a 4-year degree. You can get the training needed to pass these certification tests in as little as 9 weeks.
Instead of having to obtain a degree as in some industries, you simply just have to be certified to access these high-paying tech jobs. Now veterans are able to quickly get their needed credentials, start building experience in the industry, and then work on their degree for advancement opportunities.
This has allowed thousands of veterans to transition from the military into an industry that is both high-demand and high-paying.

Myth: “There aren’t a lot of tech jobs out there. At least not ones that I can get.”
Fact: Companies are almost desperate for certified IT and cybersecurity workers.
Information technology and cybersecurity are the fastest growing industries in the WORLD with no sign of letting off the gas.
Both are expected to continue to flourish exponentially. In cybersecurity alone, it is expected that 3.5 million positions will remain unfilled by 2021.
This HUGE shortage of IT professionals has put the United States behind many other countries in the technology sector. In order to meet this demand, the U.S. government has enacted a major initiative to prepare and transition military veterans into high-paying tech careers.
The best part, you don’t even need a degree to access these in-demand careers. Most simply just require you to be certified!

Myth: “I don’t have a tech background. Maybe other vets can get enough tech training in 9 weeks to get these jobs, but I don’t think I could. Not with my background.”
Fact: There are programs out there that can get you (yes, you) fully up to speed in 9 weeks.
These programs assume no tech knowledge and start from the very beginning. But these programs are intense. You will work hard. But you will have all the support and training you need to get your tech certifications in 9 weeks, even if you are starting from the very beginning

Here is what the program includes:

  • One on one coaching with a career specialist to make sure the program is a great fit for you, personally.
  • Arrangement of transportation to the program location for you. (The transportation is at no cost to you.)
  • Housing for the full 9 weeks of the program. (The housing is at no cost to you.)
  • Assistance with the processing of GI Bill paperwork so that your program tuition is covered.
  • 9 weeks of intense, hands-on instruction in information technology and cybersecurity to fully prepare you for your certification tests (​no fluff, just solid hands-on IT instruction from experienced experts ​ )
  • Full preparation for your certification tests (including prep material and practice tests)
  • Career and resume services to help prepare your resume and even find you a high-paying job before you graduate from the program
  • Isn’t spending 9 weeks on this program a big commitment?

    Yes, it certainly is.

    This program is for vets who are serious about changing their lives and their finances.​ We appreciate that being away from home for 9 weeks is a sacrifice, especially for those vets with families.

    It can help to think of the 9 weeks as an ​investment that will pay off for the rest of your career​ (and that could be 30+ years for many of you reading this).

    For example, let’s say that your new tech job pays you $20,000/year more than your current job (a frequent outcome for many program graduates). Over 30 years, that is an extra $600,000. But when you start adding in additional certifications that program graduates pursue and the increase in pay that comes with those additional certifications and experience, ​the pay numbers get much, much higher​.

    What could that higher income do for you and your family over the coming years and decades? Imagine how would it affect…

    • the type of ​car ​you drive
    • the kind of ​house ​your family lives in
    • the ​vacations ​you can take

    Isn’t that worth a 9-week investment of time?

  • Are you saying a 4-year degree isn’t helpful for a career in tech?

    No, that’s not what we’re saying. ​The best route is to get your initial certifications, get your foot in  the door working and building experience, and then enroll in a 4-year degree program. That will allow  you to obtain a full-time salary, build IT experience, and then get a housing allowance while you  attend your degree program.

  • Are you guaranteeing that I will be able to get a tech job when I am done with the program?

    No. But program graduates are easily able to get jobs after completing the program. First, to get these tech jobs, you will need to pass your certification tests. The ​program thoroughly prepares you​ to pass these certification tests, but you will need to study hard to pass the test. The program gives you all kinds of resources and practice tests so you should not have any trouble passing (if you do the work).

    Second, the program provides you with ​professionals who will help you write and prepare your resume​ and who will even send it out to companies for you.

    Finally, companies are really struggling to fill positions that require these certifications. If you have these certifications, you will be very, very employable.

  • How do I know if this program could be for me?

    You’ll need to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable career specialists to finally determine whether the program is a good fit for you. But, in our experience, successful program graduates have certain characteristics. We’ve summarized them here

    This program is probably NOT for you if:

    • You want everything handed to you and aren’t willing to work hard to advance your career and improve yourself and your family’s finances.
    • You won’t commit to a 9-week program, most likely away from home. (​And it is “won’t,” not “can’t.” Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And if you don’t agree with this, the program isn’t for you. ​ )
    • Your “plan” to improve your finances consists of buying lottery tickets.

    This program might be PERFECT for you if:

    • You see the opportunity in tech. You are excited about it. You want to be a part of this growing industry because you see what it can do for you and your family.
    • You know that you will take advantage of this opportunity, do the work, and change your entire career and income trajectory.
    • You can make the bold decision to commit to a 9-week program that will massively improve your career. (​You don’t have to make that decision now, of course. But, when you have all the facts and can see that the opportunity makes sense, you know you can make the commitment despite the temporary sacrifice.)
    • You don’t want a handout; you just want a chance. Once you get a foot in the door in the tech industry, you know you are going to be unstoppable...

What do the program’s graduates have to say about it?

Quickly gain the skills, credentials, and professional connections needed to have a high-paying career. 

Veteran Transition Mission’s staff is second to none. For me, I wanted this change for my life and my family. I’m now a better father able to be home with my son during the evening. I’m on my way to providing an exceptional life for my family.


Cyber Security IT Proffesional

I would highly recommend Veteran Tranition Mission to others. VTM provided me with the opportunity to pursue an amazing career in technology as an IT administrator, starting at $106,000!


Cyber Security IT Proffesional

I would recommend Veteran Transition Mission to others because it is a great way to learn the basics to start a new career in a short time period.


DoD 8570

And now it is time for you to make your choice…
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We’re not asking you to commit to the program now.
We’re just seeing if you can make a small decision to get more information.
Will this program be right for you? Not necessarily.
Could this program be right for you? Certainly.

It could absolutely change your life and propel your career in an exciting and highly-lucrative new direction.
Can you make the decision to learn more?
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