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Are you ready for a rewarding NEW career?

Information technology and cybersecurity are the fastest growing industries in the WORLD with no sign of letting off the gas.

Both are expected to continue to flourish exponentially. In cybersecurity alone, it is expected that 3.5 million positions will remain unfilled by 2021. 

This HUGE shortage of IT professionals has put the United States behind many other countries in the technology sector. In order to meet this demand, the U.S. government has enacted a major initiative to prepare and transition military veterans into high-paying tech careers.

The best part, you don’t even need a degree to access these in-demand careers. Most simply just require you to be certified!

Job positions like cybersecurity analysts, network and systems administrators, penetration testers, database developers, technical project managers, and more offer exciting 6-figure careers for those that choose to travel this NEW path.

Technology isn’t going away and those that learn the skills today will be the ones that will reap the rewards in our technology-powered future. 

How do I obtain the training and certifications needed to start my IT career?


Veteran Transition Mission is here to help you claim your dreams of having a rewarding career after the military. We help to empower you in obtaining the life you deserve. 

That is why we have partnered with the largest IT and cybersecurity training facility in Phoenix, AZ to bring you a 9-week, hands-on training program meant to quickly give you the skills, credentials, and connections you need to take your career to the next level.


With all of this opportunity, why aren’t more people climbing on board?

With this industry, most people have no idea how to access these types of jobs. For many, going back to school for 4 years is not an option as they have bills to pay.

Good News Alert:

In 2004 the D.O.D established a policy which is now known as the 8570-1 D.O.D compliance policy. This policy requires that those woking on or attached to a government computer maintain certain baseline certifications.

This means instead of having to obtain a degree like some industries, you simply just have to be certified to access these high-paying jobs. Now veterans are able to quickly get their needed credentials, start building experience in the industry, and then work on their degree for advancement opportunities.

This has allowed thousands of veterans to transition from the military into an industry that is both high-demand and high-paying.

Don’t know what certifications you need to get started? No problem. Schedule a time below to speak with a career specialist today and learn what it takes to be the next generation of skilled workers.


Ready To Get Started On Your New Career?

Access Your New Career In Months, Not Years!

 We bring you a 9-week, hands-on training program that allows you to get everything you need to access your new career, without the fluff of tradition college. 

Need More Proof? Hear What Others Had To Say!

What if I’m a veteran from out-of-town attending the program?

Your hotel room and transportation will be provided through  co-op funds. This is at no cost to you, a small gesture of gratitude for your service.

Spend 9 weeks in beautiful Phoenix, AZ training, becoming certified, and working towards a fulfilling new career. Enjoy access to knowledgeable instructors, IT staffing specialists, and fully immerse yourself in the latest technologies.

You will be able to utilize your new skills anywhere in the world. The credentials you obtain are globally recognized and the content comes directly from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, EC-council, and VMware.

With the shortage of certified, qualified professionals, those wise enough to take advantage of this opportunity can expect to earn competitive salaries and discover plenty of room for advancement.

Can I afford this valuable training opportunity?

Absolutely! The training providers that we partner with are approved to accept a number of military educational benefits.

You do not need to take out any loans, and there is no out-of-pocket cost. Total cost depends on which programs you take, as each class is priced accordingly.

Additionally, while attending the program you will qualify to receive a full-time monthly housing allowance based on the Phoenix location.

In order to attend the program, you must be willing to stay in sunny Phoenix, AZ while attending the 9-week program. 

Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity and have a new career? Programs starting soon! Speak with a career specialist today, and learn what it takes to win in this industry. 



 I don’t want to miss this opportunity! How do I get started?


 A career change is a big move. We ask that you speak with a career specialist before applying for the program.


Your career specialist will help you determine the best route to go within the industry as well as help you formulate an actionable game-plan for moving forward.


 Use the calendar to the right to schedule a time that is convenient for you to speak with a career specialist.


 Now is the time to take action and earn the career that you deserve.




*Disclaimer: Acceptance into this program is not guaranteed. Applicants are required to complete the online application as well as a brief phone interview with a career advisor. The training provider makes the final decisions on all applications.*